Events and Trainings

MLRI Basic Public Benefits Advocacy Trainings

A series of 11 trainings for legal, social and health services, and community advocates who assist low and moderate-income individuals and families.
MCLE and the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI) are collaborating to make annual basic public benefits advocacy training more accessible to the many public and private sector individuals and lawyers who assist Massachusetts residents in qualifying for and receiving public benefits.
Click here to learn more and register.

T³ – Ensuring Effective Customer Interactions in Human Services

How staff members at human services agencies interact with their customers (or clients) can have a huge impact on service utilization. Though many of us think of customer service as an important aspect of the hospitality or retail fields, it is equally important for human service agency staff on all levels to provide excellent customer service. Through this bundle, participants will explore the benefits and challenges of providing excellent customer services, understand how burnout and vicarious trauma impact one’s ability in providing great care, and how as a team we can work together to ensure that each customer or client who walks through our doors has a positive experience.

Location: Online

To register, click here



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