Homelessness in the News

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Porier details bill providing summer, after-school programs to motel kids by State House News Service June 10

Once Homeless, Boston Job Training Graduates Celebrate Success by Astead W. Herndon June 4

New Shelter Set To Help Ease Youth Homelessness In Greater Boston by Jessica Castellanos June 4

Belmont Forum Speakers Share Stories of Homelessness by Derek Keenan April 30

Erica Kay-Webster Talks Promise Place School for LGBT Homeless Youth” by Charlotte Robinson April 7

Survey finds acute homelessness in Boston” by Katie Johnston December 11

CHANGING LANES: Homelessness here on the South Shore” by  Katherine Bennett April 6

New mixed-income housing projects planned for Roxbury” by Dan Adams March 31

Pine Street Inn Transitions To Permanent Housing” by Martha Bebinger March 9

Boston’s Homeless Rely on Each Other to Survive Record Winter” by Kristin Toussaint March 6

Commonwealth Conversations And Why The Heck You Should Care!” by The Office Of Senator Rosenberg February 24

Baker Hopes Plan Will End Use Of Motels As Family Shelters” by Matt Murphy March 2

Baker-Polito Administration Unveils Initiatives to Reduce Homelessness, Proposes $20 Million ‘End Family Homelessness Reserve Fund” by Elizabeth Guyton March 2

“The Politics of Poverty and Homelessness: Opinion” by Clete Wetli August 1

“The First Lady: Veteran Homelessness is a Stain on the Soul of this Nation” by Cameron Brenchley August 1

“Housing Authority Gives Homeless Families Priority Over Domestic Violence Victims for Public Housing” by Greg B. Smith July 31

“10 Cities Worldwide That are Working to Win Their War against Homelessness” by Robbie Couch July 30

“New York Debates Whether Housing Counts as Healthcare ” by Amanda Aronczyk July 28

“More Vouchers and Supportive Housing Will End Homelessness” by Deborah De Santis July 28

“Mayor Paul Soglin (Wisconsin)  Advocates Different Approach to Homelessness” by Dean Mosiman July 26

“Allowing ‘Poor Door’ a Better Alternative” by Alan Wirzbicki July 26

“Poor Parents Need Work-Life Balance Too” by Michelle Chan July 25

 “We’re Arresting Poor Mothers for Our Own Failures” by Bryce Covert July 22

“America Despises Homelessness but is Doing Nothing to End it” by Joshua Schwitzerlett July 21

“Architects Plan to Turn Brazil’s Empty Stadiums Into Housing For Homeless”  by The Mind Unleashed July 18

“9 ways the lack of affordable housing is hurting America” by Trey Garrison July 17

“U.S. Libraries Become Front Line in Fight Against Homelessness” by Ian Simpson July 17

“The New Face of Hunger” by Tracie McMillan
“Our View: Permanent Housing Best Way to Help Homeless” by Portland Press Herald Editorial Board July 13
Is Your State Winning The Fight Against Homelessness?”  By Scott Keyes and Adam Peck Jan 23

“Mass. scrambling to find housing for its homeless” by Megan Woolhouse and David Able Dec 2

Hundreds of Massachusetts families forced back to hotels for homeless as rental assistance program winds down by Colleen Quinn Oct 17

“Massachusetts sees record number of homeless families sheltered in hotels” by Matt Murphy Oct15

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