Online Help for Tenants Facing Eviction

MADE: Eviction Help for Massachusetts, is a “self-guided online tool to help tenants who are facing eviction”. MADE was created by tenant attorneys at Greater Boston Legal Services ( and is free for tenants across the Commonwealth. The purpose of this tool is to make filling out the various legal eviction paperwork easier by simplifying the information to allow it to be understandable by the general population. Removing the complex legal jargon allows for tenants to better understand their rights and keep track of deadlines, and reduces the number of hours spent on filling out the paperwork. The forms that are included in the app are: Answer, Discovery Request, Motion to Intervene, Notice of Transfer, Late Answer Motion, Motion to Compel Discovery, and Notice of Interpret.

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Currently, MADE is only available in English and Spanish, but the developers are hoping to expand the number of languages they offer as it continues to gain momentum. In the next month, they will be adding Chinese, Haitian Creole, Portuguese and Vietnamese. While language can be a barrier for some users, MADE has many other features that aim to ensure that most people are able to utilize the website. One of those features is the website offering an audible version where users can have the questions and information read aloud to them. Tenants are also able to share their application with other people and/or housing case managers to help review the information to ensure that everything is filled out correctly. Once the forms are completed on the website, the information can be printed and brought to court.

To access MADE to learn more, click here (

Reference:  MADE flyer,

Shirblina Thesmond
Public Policy Intern
Homes for Families

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