The State Budget Advocacy Season is Upon Us: Take action today!

We are in the full swing of state budget season and advocacy from Massachusetts constituents is needed now.

First, a few things we’d like to remind you of:

  1. You are without a doubt an expert of your lived life experience, or the work you engage in every day, so your opinion and voice matter!
  2. Even a couple calls on the same issue absolutely make a difference. Emails are good too, but calls are the best, and swinging by a legislator’s office in person is even better (if you happen to be able to do that next week).
  3. It really only takes 2 minutes to make a call.
  4. We will give you a script and tell you where to look up your legislator’s information if you are not sure.
  5. It is your Representative’s job to represent you, but they don’t know what you, as a constituent, want unless you tell them!

Ready to pick up the phone or send an email or show up at their office? Great, because advocacy is needed now and next week (the week of April 24th) to support key housing and related amendments that will advance our collective priorities to address family homelessness in the Commonwealth.

Click here for an advocacy alert with how to raise your voice. You have the prerogative to pick and choose what off our list of amendments matters to you most, but you’ll see the first 4 amendments listed are top priority.

Feel free to contact us with questions and to let us know how it goes.

Liz Peck

Director of Operations and Member Engagement, Homes for Families,


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