The Senate Budget Is Coming…

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The Massachusetts House of Representatives have finalized their budget proposal, and now it is the Senate’s turn. The Senate Committee on Ways and Means, lead by Chairwoman Karen Spilka, will be releasing their proposal on Tuesday, May 17th.  Amendments will be due on Thursday May, 19th.  Debates will begin on Tuesday, May 24th.

We are not certain about what will be in the budget; and therefor what amendments may or may not be needed, but we do know that Senate President Stan Rosenberg is focused on “Kids First”. And we also know that Chairwoman Spilka has been a strong advocate on issues of housing, prevention and access to shelter, as evident in this video.

The Senate also established a Special Senate Committee on Housing which started meeting in April of 2015 and issued a report in March of 2016. The report may offer some insight as to what will be in the Senate Budget proposal:


And we also know that revenues have been low, and that there are multiple priorities for the elected officials and people of the Commonwealth.  Your voice will be important as Senators work through the budget process.  If you want to look up your State Senator and their contact information, click here, and get ready to advocate! Let #OurVoice be heard!



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