45; 60; 87.5; 100; 120


Cookie Credit: Haley House

These cookies represent so much more than the than the seemingly random numbers and repetition of 4 letters that decorate them.

They represent a movement.

They represent thousands of formerly homeless children and parents that now are stable in homes they can afford.

They represent the hundreds of individuals and families now accessing supportive housing to assist with wrap around services to aid in their success.

They represent the thousands of elders who rely on this lifeline to afford rent, and maintain a life of dignity.

They represent the scores of our local veterans experiencing homelessness who right now have vouchers in hand and are seeking a place to call their own.

They represent the preservation of affordable housing units where developers might otherwise jump ship after the federal government decided its affordable housing agenda shouldn’t include so much affordable housing.

They represent a coalition of homeless and formerly homeless families and individuals, shelter and service providers, advocates, scholars, researchers, medical professionals, those in faith, elected officials, and so many more.

Please join us at MRVP Cookie Day this Thursday at 10 a.m. in the Great Hall at the State House in Boston as we make our request to the MA Legislature for full restoration back to early 1990’s spending on the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program at $120 million.



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