Top Ten Things About Day 2 of the #SenBudget Debates

There were big things happening on Wednesday, MAY 20th, including Day 2 of the Senate Budget debates and the final episode of The Late Show with David Letterman. Therefore, it is only right that we give you the following irreverent Top 10 List:

Top Ten Things About Day 2 of the Senate Budget Debates.

[drum roll]

10. Day 1 (Tuesday) was brought to you by the letter T, but Day 2 tagged along as they talked Transportation (except not really as most of the amendments were withheld, redrafted, and therefor still up for debate and/or awaiting final decision)

9. This:

8. They said, “Yea” and we say, “YAY” for: Housing Court Expansion, RAFT increase, and equitable services for families in motels

7. Horses say “Neigh” and the Senate said “Nay” to amendments to increase funding for MRVP, HomeBASE, and TPP

6. Room 428 – with the Twitter Wall and TV’s streaming the debate, computers, chairs, and candy – is a big hit; it is easier to hear the debates (and hear funny comments). Also, The Twitter Wall.

5. They rose to talk family homelessness, even though their amendments did not pass: Sen. Lovely on equitable service in motels and HomeBASE; Chairwoman Forry on MRVP and Sen. deMacedo on his amendment to restrict shelter eligibility.

4. Maiden speeches & special guests. More great words from Senator Downing on emergency food, following his Day 1 work on ETIC and recessing in memory of Willie A, Williams III

3. Still outstanding: the amendment on the EOHHS Fund to Prevent Homelessness

2. Senate recessed at 10pm after rejecting Amendment Number 457. The remaining amendments will be sorted into YES and NO piles. On Thursday morning Senators can pull their amendments from the No pile and make their case, or pull from the Yes if they want to discuss the item on the floor.  Remaining amendments will be bundled and voted on en masse.  The debate will continue at 10am. Click here for the Amendment Tracker

And the number one thing about Day 2 of the Senate Budget Debates is:

[drum roll]

  1. A lot will need sorting out in the Conference Committee; but, we are working with positive proposals from both the House and the Senate

Thank you to the Senate for all your work to lift all families &

thank you to Dave Letterman for lifting spirits through your humor and sincerity.



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