Turn Out For… What?

TURN OUT FOR A STRONGER Massachusetts…that’s what.

Confused on any or all things election?

Read on to find out what people across the state are voting on in the General Election on November 4:

Turn Out for….What?: 

Last month we wrote two blog posts. They explain the primary election as it relates to the new Administration and the incoming legislature. Although the primaries are over, they include information on what each position does. Click here to see a list of the people on the General Election ballot.

Next- make sure you can turn out:


How to turn out for a stronger massachusetts:

  • A comprehensive and easy to navigate website on all things elections– as it relates to Massachusetts.
  • Click here and enter your address to find out what your ballot will look like
  • In addition to people, we will also be voting on different issues called ballot questions. This year we are seeing some game changing issues- eliminating gas tax indexes, expanding the beverage container law (better known as the bottle bill), expanding prohibitions on gaming, and Earned Sick Time for Employees. The votes require a YES or NO answer, and can sometimes be confusing- clicking on the link will tell you what a YES or NO means.***

Yes…there are LOTS of links, but each of them are important! If you know of any other helpful resources, please share them on our facebook page.

***(We do not necessarily agree or disagree with their recommendations, we just find that the explanation is the most clear)

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