Vote The Vision: Creating a Shared Vision to End Family Homelessness

On August 14, 2014, families, providers, advocates and employees from various state agencies convened for the 18th annual Visioning Day. This day covered a range of topics – from child well being, to shelter, to maximizing resources, to housing, to advocacy- attendees were able to dig in to the heart of the matter, identifying real problems, and recommending real solutions. 

On top of these discussions, we held a Lieutenant Governor Candidate Forum.  In attendance was Leland Cheung, Angus Jennings, Steve Kerrigan, Michael Lake, and Tracy Post. Because this day is all about sharing info, and not just giving it, members of our Consumer Advocacy Team shared a little bit about themselves, a little bit about each break out group, and asked a question relative to housing, shelter, children and engaging consumers in the policy process.  Each candidate had two minutes to answer (thank you!) and one minute for a closing statement to ensure that all participants could leave with information that will help to inform their votes this election year. We asked attendees if they were registered to vote- and out of 80 respondents, 69 were in fact registered voters. 

But between these two portions- the morning discussions and the afternoon LG panel- is where our visions began to take root.  We asked attendees to work in small groups to create a collective vision for our collective mission to end family homelessness in Massachusetts, and the results were empowering, witty, hopeful and downright awesome.

To build on this awesome, we are asking YOU to help develop this vision.  On our Facebook page, we have shared the top 20 visions that were created at Visioning Day.  PLEASE visit our page and cast your vote for the VISION that supports and amplifies our mission to end family homelessness. Like each vision that speaks to you, and don’t forget to share it with your people when you are done! 

Again, thank you to those who attended Visioning Day.  Your words, your experiences and your solutions are truly what makes HFF so effective (and possible)- because of you, we have a vision, and are on a mission to see it through! 




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