Visioning Day: What does it mean to you? #OurVoice

Today, Team HFF gathered in our executive director’s office and asked ourselves a very, very important question:

What is the goal of Visioning Day?

We sat and thought for a milli-second, allowing our minds to reflect on one of our favorite days of the year, and thought about what it means to us individually.

Collectively, we came up with a list on what Visioning Day means to us:

To HFF, Visioning Day:

  • Brings people together
  • Adds transparency to our advocacy
  • Is a time to share a wide range of ideas
  • Guides our programmatic and policy agenda
  • Brings the power and decision making to the people
  • Convenes all stakeholders and share information all at once
  • Is a chance for us to understand the issues faced by the community
  • Provides inspiration and reinforces the need for involvement in advocacy
  • Allows us to demonstrate to our community where our stances come from
  • Allows us to give feedback to the state and informs policies as a community
  • Where we balancing giving important information with receiving important input
  • Is an opportunity to discuss hot topics and important issues to create big impact
  • A way we gather information on how we should move forward from the community
  • Establishes and reaffirms families and the non-profit community as voters and stakeholders
  • Brings us one step closer in our mission to end family homelessness throughout Massachusetts


But in true HFF form, it wouldn’t be a complete brainstorm or outcome without the input of the HFF community…so we are bringing it to YOU!

What does Visioning Day mean to you?

Please share your thoughts, ideas and comments with us on Facebook, Twitter, or this very blog post throughout the week as we plan Visioning Day 2014 so we can add to this list.  After all, each Visioning Day (and the advocacy efforts that come from it) get bigger and better every year…let’s make this list do the same!

Oh…and in case you were wondering:



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