Call to Action: Last Chance to Weigh in on the FY15 Budget

We have one more opportunity to weigh in with the MA Legislature regarding their development of the state’s FY2015 budget. As you may know, both the House and the Senate have passed their respective versions of the budget. Currently, a conference committee of six legislators is working to compromise on the variations between the two and to develop a finalized budget that will soon be presented to the governor for approval.

Please click here to view the letter HFF sent to the conferees with specific requests regarding the budget outcome. Click here to view a chart with specific information on the line items that we advocate for.

We are asking our supporters to make just two quick phone calls – one to your state representative and one to your state senator – asking them to follow the recommendations made by HFF on behalf of our membership and the families we serve and partner with.

Sample script:

Hi. My name is _________________, and I live/work in/at ____________________ . I am calling to request that my representative/senator contact the FY2015 budget conference committee members to ask that they:

1. Fund MRVP at the Senate recommended amount of $70.5 million while giving DHCD time to develop and implement a new waitlist for the program and the flexibility to address the immediate needs of homeless families.

2. Fund EA and motels at the levels recommended by the House, totalling $140 million.

3. Fund HomeBASE at the House recommended amount of $26 million.

If you are uncertain of how to contact your elected officials, please click here.

Thank you again for your ongoing advocacy, Massachusetts is stronger because of it! 


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