Honor an Inspirational Woman In Your Life #MomPower

We’d never know how high we are till we are called to rise; and then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the sky.

– Emily Dickinson

At Homes for Families, we see the statures of mothers reach the sky…and beyond.

We see mothers who sacrifice, overcome extraordinary odds and humble themselves to keep their children safe and thriving. We see the leadership of mothers who are dedicated to supporting others to overcome homelessness. And we see mothers who tirelessly stand up for housing and economic justice for all. On this Mother’s Day, we honor and thank the women that have given us extra hope and inspiration:

The mother who spends late nights at the motel lobby computer identifying ways to improve the system for all families in the Commonwealth;

The mother who just received a voucher to afford in permanent housing, but can’t wait when the time comes to pass it on to another family in need;

The mother that grew up in the system, but it is working her way out of it so her daughter doesn’t have to;

The mother who overcame homelessness, internships with HFF and Representative Rushing and community college…all while caring for her two daughters;

The mom who was living in the motel with no transportation and a three hour commute to work; the mom who fled domestic violence and found a degree, a career, and a new home; the mom who is balancing a full-time jobs and full-time classes so she can provide the best for her children; and the mom who kept her job and got her son to school every day despite being bounced from shelter to shelter;

And special thank you to all of the mothers on our Consumer Advocacy Team, staff and board whose dedication to ending homelessness is unmatched and unwavering.

This Mother’s Day, honor the inspirational women in your life by donating to Homes for Families so we can continue to harness the strength of these amazing women as we work together to finally put an end to family homelessness. Your generosity is more than just a donation- it is support for the moms who do what it takes to keep their children safe, stable and hopeful.




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