Don’t Miss our Next Community Meeting!

Each month, HFF invites local groups to a community meeting to learn more about their organizations, services and more. These meetings are an opportunity to hear from and collaborate with fellow organizations.

Last month, at our April community meeting we met with shelter providers, members of City Mission Society and Casa Esperanza. After discussing Homes for Families’ budget priorities, each organization gave an overview of who they are and the services they provide.

This is a chance to expand your network and hear about the commendable work of those in the community. Community meetings are open to the public and we encourage families to come.

Community meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month from 11 am—1 pm. Can’t make it to one of our community meetings? Stay involved and stay up to date on the latest happenings and conversations on our Facebook page, Twitter, and blog.

Community Meeting 2014 Schedule:

January 8

February 12

March 12

April 9

May 14

June 11

July 9

August 13

September 10

October 8

November 12

December 10

More information to come

          Snacks are provided and feel free to bring your own lunch.  Stipends provided to families


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