Day Two: Tracking the Amendments

It’s day two of the debates, and the House is most certainly off to an alarming start. Despite the surprising interruption, we at HFF have been hard at work to keep you in the know as the races…I mean, debates….take off.

We have been “track”ing our primarysecondary, and other notable amendments, and want to share the Representatives who have signed on to some of those amendments.  Supporters are as follows:


Amendment 1105: Rep. Garballey to restore $15 million to MRVP.



Amendment 519: Rep Fox to restore $30 million to MRVP.



Amendment 1108: Rep. Decker to would provide an average increase of $70 per month per household in TAFDC grants and in some cases can prevent a family from becoming homeless.


Amendment 348: Rep. Gordon to provide $15 million in funding to expand the number of shelter units across the state, allowing for more families to be placed in supportive shelters rather than a motel room.


Amendment 700: Rep. Swan to establish no less than 12 month contracts with shelter service providers.

swan contracts

Amendment 463: Rep. DiZoglio to would allow eligible families to access up to $8,000 in ‘household assistance,’ and to allow for annual access to HomeBASE, as needed.


AMENDMENT 643: Rep. Fox for funding and language for the 7 day temporary accommodation program through RAFT


AMENDMENT 755: Rep. Speliotis to establish a 6 month residency requirement


AMENDMENT 979: Rep. Wagner relative to the Secure Jobs Initiative



Amendment 1161: Rep. Decker to allow access to shelter for families who are at immediate risk of having to stay in a place not meant for human habitation.


To learn more about the budget process, check out yesterday’s blog: And they’re off! 

Stay tuned as we continue the conversation on facebook, live tweet the debates, and make Derby puns right here on our blog…and right down to the wire.



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