So many Amendments, so little time. Our secondary asks and others related to homelessness

The House Ways and Means Committee released their budget on Wednesday, April 9th.  Representatives had until Friday, April 11th at 5pm to file amendments.  A total of 1,175 amendments were filed.  Representatives had an opportunity to co-sponsor amendments before filing and are still able to sign on their support at the Clerk’s office.  Please look for our Action Alert Email and on our social media sites (facebook and twitter) for information on our priority amendments.

We know that solving homelessness will take a comprehensive approach and cannot be solved by a few line item.  Below is a list of amendments that are on our secondary priority list, followed by other amendments relative to family homelessness. We encourage you to click around and learn about these initiatives and weigh in as you see fit.

HFF Secondary Priorities for Addressing Homelessness

AMENDMENT 700: Representative Swan’s amendment to add language to Emergency Assistance Family Shelter (DHCD 7004-0101) to ensure 12-month contracts for family shelter providers to allow for stability for providers and families

AMENDMENT 1025: Chairwoman Khan’s amendment to fund the Employment Services Program (DTA 4401-1000) at $10.2 million with $2 million to establish pilot pathways programs that would assist low-income families in accessing post-secondary education and training leading to jobs that pay family-sustaining wages and $1 million for transportation assistance for families participating in education and work

AMENDMENT 904: Representative Honan’s Amendment to make technical language changes to allow more flexibility and access to HomeBASE and RAFT assistance

AMENDMENT 766: Rep. Stanley for funding for Domestic Violence Shelters and Services

AMENDMENT 916: Rep. Malia for funding for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services through the Department of Public Health

 AMENDMENT 590: Rep. Linskey for funding for the salary reserve

 AMENDMENT 455: Rep. Kocot to establish resident service programs at Local Housing Authorities

AMENDMENT 394: Rep. Provost for funding for Teen Living Programs

  Other Amendments of Note:

We are listing these amendments not as an indication of our support, but to inform about the amendments that are being filed relative to Emergency Assistance program and other programs that impact the lives of families overcoming homelessness.


 AMENDMENT 643: Rep. Fox for funding and language for the 7 day temporary accommodation program through RAFT

AMENDMENT 772: Rep. Stanley for funding reimbursement for McKinney Vento transportation for homeless children

AMENDMENT 80: Rep. Haddad for transportation for families in certain motels

AMENDMENT 441: Rep. Kocot for a healthy food pilot for families in Western MA motels

AMENDMENT 9: Rep. Beaton to ban the placement of level 2 and level 3 sex offenders at EA funded motels

AMENDMENT 1138: Rep. Decker relative to shelter rules and the noncompliance system

AMENDMENT 755: Rep. Speliotis to establish a 6 month residency requirement

AMENDMENT 979: Rep. Wagner relative to the Secure Jobs Initiative

AMENDMENT 995: Rep. Heroux to fund Horizon’s shelter playspaces

AMENDMENT 894: Rep. Cabral for funding for the Employment Services Program and the Young Parent GED program

AMENDMENT 936: Rep. O’Day for funding for a continuum of services for unaccompanied homeless youth

We want to hear from you…
Do you support or oppose any of these amendments?
Are there other Amendments that are important to you, that we missed, and/or that you think impacts families overcoming homelessness?
The Senate is crafting their budget next- what are other issues that they should consider?
Leave your comments below!




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