What’s luck got to do with it?

What’s luck got to do with it?

Not everything- but unexpected factors most definitely influence success…things like where you live,the color of your skin, and the neighborhood you were born into. While success can be a result of drive, dedication and effort, these things must be coupled with support, opportunity, and sometimes, luck.

Homes for Families would like to take St. Patrick’s Day as a time to reflect on the people and situations that make success happen.  For us- it’s the families that inspire, teach and lead; it’s the shelter providers that support us, each other and the movement to end homelessness; and it is the broader community of policy makers, academics and the media who contribute to the conversation to ensure we stay balanced, inclusive and far-reaching.

So we ask:

Who supported you? What worked? What changed everything?

HFF aims to be that unexpected for in the shelters, the community and the state house. As Allyson Fannon (HFF Board Member and Consumer Advocacy Team Member) reflects in the Spare Change newspaper: “Homes for Families was really helpful with staying positive [when I was in shelter], and they showed me a light at the end of the tunnel. They are a really inspirational and hardworking group- sometimes you want to give up when you are in a shelter, and they keep you positive.  By meeting every month, and their doors are always open, they’re there to talk to- they’re a support system“.

Please consider making a donation to Homes for Families to honor the people and experiences that helped to support your drive, dedication and effort in getting to where you are today- no matter where that is.

By donating to HFF, you are not just supporting our own drive, dedication and effort, but that of families and shelters across the state.  Because of your support, the community- and the policies that impact it- will be healthier and stronger.

To make a donation and learn more about how your donation makes a difference- please click here.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Homes for Families…cheers!


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