Housing Choice Vouchers data says:





Choose Housing!

If you know Homes for Families at all, you know that we advocate for improved policies using the voice of current and former homeless families.  

You know that a very big part of our job is to listen to the experiences, insight and concerns of these families, and those who work closest to them, in order to advocate for what will best support families, providers, and the community. 

And you know that again and again- we advocate for an increase to the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program.  

It is what low-income families need to have access to affordable housing, it is what providers need to assist families in overcoming homelessness and it is what the community needs to support happy, full-bellied, warm, educated, stable children.  

As Alison Bromley of FamilyAid Boston so awesomely states, “MRVP allows children of today a chance to become productive members of society. Don’t we want that?”

Well, don’t we?

MRVP is one way Massachusetts ensures access to permanent housing– and therefore stability, security and increased likelihood of success.  

But the burden of America’s wage, employment and housing cost issues should not (and do not) fall solely on Massachusetts.  The federal government has a program called “Housing Choice Vouchers”, commonly known as Section 8, which is similar to MRVP in that it subsidizes housing costs for those who can not pay them on their own.  The difference lies in who is doing the subsidizing.  For MRVP it is the state government.  For HCV, it is the federal government. In both, local agencies are charged with administering them. 

So what happens when HVC’s are administered? The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities created this super clear infographic.

See for yourself:


and because we love hashtags- #ChooseHousing



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