Volunteers Needed for Annual City of Boston Homeless Census!

Monday, December 16th, 2013 at Boston City Hall

What is the Census?

Each December, the Emergency Shelter Commission conducts Mayor Menino’s annual Homeless Census, a one-night count of people living on Boston’s streets, shelters, transitional housing and treatment programs. The census helps measure the unmet need for housing, shelter, health care and services for vulnerable individuals or families in our city.

Why Should I Volunteer?

This event is only possible through the effort of hundreds of volunteers from homeless service and advocacy organizations, local faith communities, homeless consumers and City agencies.  We welcome your support!

What Happens the Night of the Census?

Volunteers gather at 8:45 p.m. in the Main Lobby of City Hall and meet their team members and leader.  Each team covers one of 45 areas of the city by car or on foot, keeping tally of homeless people on the street and offering transportation into shelter.  The count finishes before 1 a.m.

What about the Homeless Who Don’t Live on the Streets?

Shelters, transitional, treatment, mental health, hospitals and other health care facilities do detailed surveys the night of the census to get an unduplicated count.

How Do I Volunteer?

Register online at  http://www.bphc.org/shelter by clicking on the red link ad filling out the form.Please note: On-Line Registration for the Census must be completed before Thursday, November 28, 2013!

 For questions, call the Emergency Shelter Commission at 617-534-2710.

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