Question from the field to the field:

As shelter programs are working through converting their units to accommodate more families during this crisis, we want to encourage sharing of models, successes and challenges. We received the following question from a member, so wanted to put it out to the cyber world to get some answers and ideas:

Q: As we begin thinking about our co-sheltering experiment, we have decided that something close to a congregate staffing model, with 24/7 staff on-site or possibly very near by is the way to go. Any suggestions about  staffing models in terms of FTEs, shifts, etc. What are some best practices and approaches that work? 



One thought on “Question from the field to the field:

  1. Co-sheltering shouldn’t be legal in the first place. It’s very dehumanizing to have two families being basically forced to live together and being in fear to have their belongings stolen or damaged even behind locked doors. Not to mention the fear of what the other family could be capable of. You don’t know if they could have been someone with a violence record or any crime record. You don’t know the kind of people they’re involved around with.. You don’t know who they can bring in the apartment during “visiting hours”. It is not anywhere near normal for a family to be living under 24/7 supervision, and living with complete STRANGERS. It is not RIGHT. If you want a change you have to go and advocate for yourself, because complaining to these people who are supposedly supposed to help you, are only going to listen and say “everything will be okay”, and do nothing about it. You’ll be walking on circles.


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