Housing Bond Bill and 40B…Immediate Action Needed*

The Housing Bond Bill will invest $1.4 billion in affordable housing production and preservation. As you may know, we are almost across the finish line with the bill having been passed unanimously by the House and Senate. It is critical to get the bill to the Governor by the end of this month. DHCD’s current funding round depends on the reauthorization of programs within the bill; particularly the Low Income Housing Tax Credit. While the programs within the bond bill are broadly supported by the Legislature, the bill has been sent to a conference committee due to unrelated policy proposals added to the bill.

The Housing Bond Bill, meant to produce more affordable housing, now contains provisions that weaken the Affordable Housing Law, Chapter 40B. The provisions, intended to carve out exemptions from the law for two particular communities, have unknown consequences across the state. Click here to read an editorial from the Globe about the provisions. 

And here to read HFF’s Letter to Editor in response.  Seriously, we need to be finding ways to make the creation of affordable housing easier…not harder.

Take Action 

Representative Sanchez is asking legislators to sign onto his letter to the Conference Committee requesting that the sections weakening the Affordable Housing Law be removed from the Housing Bond Bill. Please reach out to your Representative and Senator and ask them to sign onto this letter. To sign on, they need to contact Katie Lauretano in Representative Sanchez’s office by 10:00am on Friday September 13, 2013. The following legislators have already signed on: Representatives Balser, Brodeur, Heroux, Kocot, Moran, Provost, Toomey, and Vega. If your legislator is signed onto the letter, please thank them.

*By immediate, I guess I mean FIRST THING FRIDAY MORNING!

Thank you to Rachel Heller from CHAPA for most of the info in this post and her leadership on this issue.  And Thank you to Representative Sanchez and those who have signed on.


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