A reminder

Homelessness and the motel crisis is in the news this week, sparked by this article in the Herald.  The rising motel number was also mentioned on the NPR stations this morning and WBZ radio are working on a story, probably to be aired this afternoon.  During the interview, I was taken aback by the reporter telling me that his other sources explained that there are families in motels that have alternative housing and do not really need shelter.  Here is a reminder from a mother, posted as a comment on this blog a while back, about what it is like to enter the shelter system and live in a motel.  Families need housing and support and not more judgement and skepticism.

Why on Earth would anyone declare themselves homeless, over a petty argument, falling out, etc? Do you know how embarrassing it is to go to DHCD/DTA and apply for shelter? Do you know how humiliating it is to lug trash bags of you and your children’s belongings into the brick building on the corner on Dudley street, and the onlookers knowing exactly why? Do you know what it is to have someone judge you, to see if you are “needy” enough for their “help”? Do you know what it is to be hungry at night, but you cannot cook because you cannot fit more than 5 items of food, or even 1 single gallon of milk, in your tiny motel “fridge”? Do you know what it is to survive off of school food, hot pockets and the occasional Mc Donalds when money permits? Do you know what it is so be considered lazy, selfish, self-centered, uneducated, incompetent… because you became a homeless PARENT? Do you know what it is for your innocent toddler to pray to God every single night for a home? Do you know what it is to be INVISIBLE!?

I don’t think you’ve had a real chat with any homeless person, especially a mother. Because if you did, you would know that we do not declare ourselves homeless to take up the “tax payers” money. Nobody wants this life!!!

-signed Homeless Mother and College Student


4 thoughts on “A reminder

  1. I too know how humiliating it is when you are homeless, especially when I had many relatives know I needed a place for me and my newborn and no one would take us in after my matriarchal grandmother threw me and my 6 week old child out the monday after Thanksgiving leaving me with no place to go but to beg the DTA to help me find a shelter that we could go to.


    • Hi Lisa, Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Thanks so much for sharing your story and we are so sorry for the pain and trauma that must have caused you. If you are ever interested in getting more involved with Homes for Families, we are happy to work with you so the community and those at the state house can hear your story in order to make the changes necessary so that no other family has to have those same experiences.


  2. I too know the difficulties and inconvenience of livingv in a motel, because I live in one. Its moldy and unhygenical. At one point the bathroom ceiling fell on a boy staying here with his mother. My baby had to learn to crawl and walk on the bed cause the carpet was so old and dirty I would of considered myself a horrible mother if I let her off the bed. The owners motto is don’t bite the hand that feeds you so no one dear say much about the conditions.


    • Thank you for sharing your experience, although we are sorry to know that the hotel room is in such horrible condition. Please keep us updated on your situation and please keep sharing your story because the more we dispel the myth that “motels are a good place to live”, the more we can work together to find safer options.


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