Visioning Day 2013: A Walk in My Shoes



Have you registered for Visioning Day yet?

No?! You totally should! 

Why, you ask? 

Because it’s the first chance in the new fiscal year to add your thoughts, experience and input as HFF develops its policy and programmatic agenda for FY14! 

Take a look at our Visioning Day report from 2012 to get a glimpse of past outcomes, and read on to foresee the future/check out the agenda for the day.


The Future is Now!



But WAIT! There’s more! 

Did you know you can join our advocacy efforts wearing pajamas and in your bed?!

You can!  

We will be giving a short tutorial on social media advocacy.  For those of you with smart phones, we ask that you come Twitter Ready and follow Homes for Families in advance. 

You can do so in one simple click…just click here! 

(If you do not have twitter downloaded on your phone and would like some help with that beforehand, give Jamie a call/email as she is more than happy to take a break and talk Twitter at any given point of the day.) 

We will be using the hash tags:

#OurVoice #OurShoes #OurVision

Feel free to show off your pre-existing skills and let us know you registered by tagging us on twitter (@HFFma) and using 1 or more hash tags!

The deadline for registration is this Monday, Aug 5, 2013

Please RSVP to Jamie at 

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