#ourvoice- the new *it* thing.

For the remainder of this blog post, I will refer to #ourvoice as *it*.

Why?… Because *it* is so in right now.

The theme of last year’s Visioning Day was Changing the Conversation.  If you are wondering what conversation needs to be changed, then that must mean you missed a great speech made by HFF’s very own Diane Sullivan at Cookie Day.  But don’t worry; there will be plenty of pictures, video footage, and hopefully blog comments from those who attended to fill you in on what was truly a great day of advocacy and fact.  What happened today at the State House (or as Representative Gloria Fox always reminds us- Our House) was nothing short of amazing, and absolutely a result of the conversations had at Visioning Day.

Visioning Day is the time for all of those who have a vested interest in ending family homelessness- families, providers, students, advocates, public authorities and many more- to come together to talk solutions.  This year, we decided it was time to stop following the lead of those using conversations as a means for distractions instead of solutions.  This year, we realized that the conversations being had about vulnerable families were not being had with vulnerable families.  This year, we took the conversation back.

This year’s Visioning Day report is *it*.

*It* includes recommendations to the Administration; recommendations that come from families who have experienced homelessness, providers who understand the repercussions of a constantly changing system, and public officials who want to see that things stop changing and start improving. The recommendations come from those who are closest to the issues, because to them, those issues are not simply issues, but their personal experiences day in and day out.  *It* includes descriptions of the breakout groups and the conversations held among them.  *It* includes who attended Visioning Day, and the evaluations that came from them, good or bad, because at Homes for Families we hold the truth above anything else.  And that is what drives our conversations and what makes them so meaningful : the truth, and the people who speak it.

This year’s Visioning Day report is *it*.  The words on those pages are not just words, but #OURVOICE.  The time has come for conversations to be had- not about us, but with us.  Those conversations need to be true, they need to be realistic, and they need to be clear. They need to be *it*, they need to be #ourvoice.

Click Here for a copy of the Visioning Day 2012 Report, and comment below so everyone knows *it*.

After you read *it*, we ask you to share- not only the report- but your thoughts on our blog or Twitter. We encourage the use of the hashtag #ourvoice to guide the conversation so that we stop being the conversation, continue to take part in the conversation and start owning the conversation

Share your success stories, epiphanies, solutions, ideas, and any other words you have…just be sure to use *it*.  Without *it*, progress will not be possible.



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