Thank you!

Hello Shelter Providers and Training Partners,

I  wanted to take some time to write this letter/blog to you because you need to know how meaningful and rewarding the past few months have been for me. I began this journey with 33 providers from 22 shelters in late April 2012, when we all gathered at DHCD headquarters and spent a total of 18 hours over three days learning about “neurodevelopment” and “risk and protective factors”.  As time went on and over the next seven months we came together once per month to hear from folks who cared enough about the issues that affect the young families we serve; they shared their knowledge, passion and experiences with shelter providers about topics ranging from conflict resolution to “getting on the same page- effective communication”.

As I reflected over the holiday break, I couldn’t help but smile and tear up when the faces, words and comments of providers flashed across my mind. We had done so many trainings over the past few months that I didn’t take the time to savor the experience.  At that moment I realized what a wonderful journey I’d been on. I’ve met some really good people with so much compassion who are often not thanked enough for all that they do.

So I want to take this opportunity to thank the six agencies who partnered with Homes for Families to present six capacity building trainings; DHCD for providing space, IT equipment and overall support. I also want to thank the managers and supervisors who made it possible for their staff to attend; I know it was a challenge to get coverage. And most of all I want to thank the direct care staff, many of who came to trainings directly after an overnight shift, for all their comments and contributions to the training series! In total 168 direct care staff received training!

So the journey continues…providers who attended trainings are all invited to a re-convening on January 17th at Homes for Families.  Please email me if you are able to attend at


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