Call In Day: Today!! Tuesday, November 20, 2012

(…or tomorrow Wednesday November 21, 2012)

Six hours of sharing stories.

Six hours of families, shelter providers and advocates from the legal, medical and DV community standing before the DHCD panel in order to share personal, yet similar experiences with the regulation changes.


We came together as a community and made sure we were heard.

But we haven’t heard back from them…yet.

The regulation changes that have caused families to sleep in places not fit for human habitation are being finalized on or around November 23, 2012.  Although we have taken action, we have to do more.  The hearings have shown just how strong we are, and how hard we are willing to fight to make sure that no family in the Commonwealth goes without shelter for even one night….and the impact that the regulations are having on children, families and communities.

To learn more and hear the powerful testimonies from:                                           the Boston Hearing, click here    and the Springfield Hearing, click here

This Thanksgiving Week, Please Ask the Governor and the Legislature to Act Now on Behalf of Families Experiencing Homelessness!  Please make three quick calls this week that could make a world of difference to families and children without a safe place to sleep!


· Call Governor Patrick (1-888-870-7770) and ask that he require DHCD to amend the regulations to provide shelter to families with children at “imminent risk of staying in a place not meant for human habitation.”

· Call Senate President Therese Murray (617-722-1500) and House Speaker Robert DeLeo (617-722-2500) to ask them to amend the EA Line Item 7004-0101 to ensure that Emergency Assistance shelter be provided to such families!



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