A few weeks ago, I wrote ablog postabout the Nurturing Fathers Program as implemented by Len Hayes from DHCD.   It was my first blog post as an intern for HFF so if you missed it, you should totally check it out!

Anyway, I was incredibly impressed with the program and have high hopes for its continuance.  I saw so much potential in this simple, inexpensive program…I have just been waiting for the day to write more about it.

Well friends, that day is here.

This video was posted to Cory Booker’s Facebook page.

It very much exemplifies the results that a program like Nurturing Fathers can produce.  My favorite phrase from the video was “first generation father”.  At first, it took me a second to fully wrap my head around those three amazing words.

First. Generation. Father.

Those words not only describe a man blazing a path towards family sustainability, but they allow for the discrepancy between someone who creates a child, and someone who wholeheartedly raises one. They allow for the existence of the words Second Generation Father, Third Generation Father and so on… until one day it just becomes: F-A-T-H-E-R (gotta watch the video to get this adorable reference!).  I hope to see more programs like this popping up right and left, equipping and empowering men to be more than just a male with a child but a father.

With that said….

Kudos to United Neighbors of Fall River!

They are putting the Nurturing Fathers Program into action starting July 17.


Best of luck in your program!

Looking forward to hearing your success stories!


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