Conference Committee Named

Now that the Senate and House have produced their proposals for the FY13 budget, it is now up to the Conference Committee to reconcile the differences and develop a compromise bill.  The House and Senate will have to give a final vote of acceptance before the budget is passed on to the Governor to sign (and make any vetoes).  Each branch appoints three members to the committee.  One member of the minority party (i.e. Republican Party, not minority parties  in terms of race or gender) must be appointed by each branch.  This year’s conference committee members include:

Senate Members:                                            House Members:

Brewer                                                                         Dempsey

Flanagan                                                                      Kulic

Knapic                                                                         deMacedo

Click on their names to learn more, including their districts, biographies, bills they have sponsored and a picture.

On the Senate side, Knapic (R) has been involved with the Commission to End Homelessness and with the Inter-agency Council on Housing and Homelessness.  He was vocal in the debate regarding EA eligibility, expressing his concern about the system.  Senator Flanagan- who will be holding it down for the ladies- was on the Commission relative to EBT and sponsored fair amendments regarding EBT use, compared to other members and amendments put forth by  in the House.  Chairman Brewer was also vocal during the EA debates and has shown a tremendous understanding of the complex issues and compassion for families.  On the House side, Chairman Dempsey’s staff has been very active in learning about the family homelessness system.

There was an interesting editorial in today’s Boston Globe regarding the political process at Beacon Hill, indicating that most decisions are made behind closed doors.  Here is a chance, through a formal process, to have influence on what the committee decides.

Sign up here for action alerts and see the previous post regarding the differences between the two budgets that will need to be worked out.



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