How awesome is this. House of Hope’s new initiative not only provides workplace skills, employment history and income for homeless mothers, “The Hope Chest” is providing the community with great items at very affordable prices…


The Hope Chest is Now Open! 
The Hope Chest on Market Street

House of Hope, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of our newest workforce development effort serving homeless families in Lowell, MA. The Hope Chest is a children’s resale store owned and operated by House of Hope at 397 Market Street in Lowell.


The Hope Chest consists of a small retail operation selling very affordable and gently used children’s clothing. The goals of the program are three-fold:


* Help homeless mothers learn valuable employment skills

* Provide appropriate clothing for primarily poorer children

* Serve as a vehicle of care for those of you in the community who wish to donate gently used clothing to those in need. 


The Hope Chest Program provides a supportive work environment that ignites the desire within each woman to successfully support her family and to make a difference in her community.  The Hope Chest Internships transform the Interns’ experience of and relationship to work; Interns discover that work is positive and that their contributions are valuable even during the stressful time of homelessness. 


Located right near downtown Lowell and in the Acre Neighborhood, the Hope Chest will support local families, former House of Hope families, and those community members who struggle with the high cost of children’s clothing.  All funds generated from the Hope Chest go back into delivering the program. We are in need of in-season, gently used children’s clothing – NEWBORN to TEENS – in order to stock our shelves. Your donations also support mother earth by reducing waste!  House of Hope can only afford to open the store on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 9am-2pm., yet we hope to expand the hours of operation by soliciting grants and support. We will keep you posted!


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