Question from the Field to the Field

We get lots of positive feedback (and lots of web traffic) on this blog (even if we have not had the capacity to keep it totally updated lately), but not much interaction with posts…which is understandable considering the nature of the work of shelter providers.  But I received this question today, so figured I would try and put the question out through this channel and am hoping to generate some responses! -LH

We are increasingly running into difficulty for our guests to be able to open bank accounts and in the past they have saved by giving us money orders to keep as their savings.  Now it appears that Western Union will no longer cash their own money orders and banks are requiring an account in order for them to be cashed.   How are others handling savings when families are unable to open bank accounts???


4 thoughts on “Question from the Field to the Field

  1. Although I don’y know this to be a fact, recently we heard a presentation from Metro Credit Union to our staff. They made it sound like they were willing to work with our housing clients on setting up accounts for them. It might be worth a phone call to them.


    • I was recently homeless and have a bank account with Metro Credit Union. I had the account before I became homeless and it is because of people’s credit, that they are unable to open an account. At the credit union’s, they do not check your credit. Sounds ironic but it is true. Hope that helps.


  2. My son and I were recently homeless and being homeless has nothing to do with opening a bank account. I have been with Metro Credit Union for years now, before I became homeless. It is based upon your actual credit history. It sounds ironic but credit unions do not do a credit check to see if you owe another bank money. Hope that helps.


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