From the Boston Worker’s Alliance:

In August of 2010, CORI Reform was passed by a statewide coalition of
110+ organizations and the hard work of thousands of Mass residents.
The reforms are going effective on May 4, 2012, and the Governor’s Office has released the New CORI Regulations that will dictate how the law gets implemented.

There will be a public hearing on the new CORI regulations this Friday, March 30 at 12pm at 1 Ashburton Place. Please be present and support our demands!


Call Governor Patrick today: 617 725 4005

Sample Script: “Hi, my name is _______, from _______. I’m calling to leave a message about the new CORI regulations. Please tell the Governor to keep our right to challenge the “relevance” of a CORI with a potential employer, and to stop private background check companies from accessing CORI if they give out data older than 10 years. These regulations are critical for CORI reform to be effective and I urge the Governor to do the right thing.”


While the Regulations include many of our CORI Reform principles, some key areas were cut out of the Regulations. We need communities across the state to stand up for the strongest and most effective CORI reforms possible.

CORI Regulations Public Hearing
Friday, March 30
McCormack State Office Building
One Ashburton Place (next to the State House) Conference Room, 21st Floor Boston, MA 02108

Please come to the hearing and raise up some key demands:

1) Do Not Remove the Right of Job Applicants to Discuss the Relevance of their CORI. The old CORI Regulations included a chance for a job applicant to discuss the “Relevancy and Accuracy” of their CORI with an employer who had concerns. The new regulations left in the “accuracy” requirement but took out “relevancy.” Tell the Governor to reinstate the opportunity to discuss the Relevancy of a CORI to the job at hand.

2) Stop Private Background Check Companies from Giving Out Old CORI.
The new regulations are allowing private background companies to access the official CORI system, and are not preventing them from giving out old records or non-convictions. The regulations should require any company that uses the official CORI system to limit its information to 10 years for a felony, 5 years for a misdemeanor, and no dismissed cases (the same as the official CORI system). If a private background check company wants to continue to give out old and dismissed CORI, they should not enjoy access to the official state CORI system.

Access the regulations here:

Help spread the word – stand up for CORI reform on Friday March 30th.



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