EOHED Announces Budget Hearings

Every year in the fall and early winter, state agencies give their budget recommendations for the next fiscal year to the Governor’s office. This process includes public hearings in which state agencies ask the community for their opinion about how the state should spend taxpayer dollars.

The Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development has recently announced the dates and times for their public hearings which includes programs administered by DHCD. These hearings will take place in Bostonand Worcester. Homes for Families encourages you to attend to voice your opinion about changes or increases in funding to housing and homelessness programs. You can either give testimony orally to the group or provide written testimony. If you don’t want to give testimony, simply attending shows support for better housing and homelessness resources. Contact 617-227-4188 or jnaylor@homesforfamilies.org if you have questions.

Tuesday December 20th, 5-7 PM

Union Station’s Grand Hall

2 Washington Square



Tuesday, December 27th, 10 am to 12 pm

1 Ashburton Place, Conference Rooms 2 and 3





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