BHA Proposes Changes to Who Receives Priority Status

The Boston Housing Authority has proposed changes to who can receive priority status for BHA housing, and because they are proposed and waiting approval, the community can submit written comments until Thurs, Dec 15th. There will also be 2 public hearings. One will be held on December 5th at 12 PM at 52 Chauncy Street 11th floor Boston, MA 02111, and the other will be held on the same day at 6 PM at Boston City Hall, 1 City Hall Plaza Room 801 (Congress St. Entrance only), Boston, MA 02201.

Thanks toAshley Mannfrom HomeStart for summarizing the proposed changes:

– In order to apply for priority status at BHA (domestic violence, homelessness, no fault eviction, etc), one must first be able to document his/her last permanent address was in the City ofBoston.  If someone’s last permanent address was in a city other than Boston, the applicant may not access a priority category.

What this means:

– If you are currently homeless/other priority and live in Boston, but cannot prove your last permanent address was in Boston, you will be a standard application on BHA’s public housing lists, and ineligible for BHA’s Section 8 lists (PBV, Mod Rehab and Tenant Based S8) because the S8 lists only accept priority applicants.

-If you have been in a Boston shelter/emergency shelter/outside/transitional living program for many years, but your last permanent address was in another city, you will not receive residency at Boston Housing Authority (even if you are employed, registered to vote, receive medical care, live in Boston shelter, etc).

What we do not know:

It is unclear what BHA will use as the definition of “last permanent address”, and what will be required to document this address.  A definition was not included in the proposal.

Click here to read BHA documents related to the proposed changes.  


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