HomeBASE Update: Emergency Regulations and Changes to the Notice

The Emergency Regulations for HomeBASE have been extended for another 90 days effective October 28th. They will still be considered emergency regulations and may change when they are ultimately finalized. This extension is partly due to new language added by the supplemental budget, which was recently passed by the legislature, directing DHCD to provide a 60-notice to the legislature before making any changes to HomeBASE. They will be submitting these regulations to the legislature in the near future. HFF is unsure whether the regulations will be finalized after the extended 90-day period or extended again.

The noticed released by DHCD earlier this week has been changed again. You can view the notice by clicking here or by clicking on the DHCD Documents link to the right. The main change is the removal of language saying that families who receive household assistance cannot access shelter for 1 year from the date they received the assistance. However, DHCD still maintains that these families will continue to be ineligible for shelter for one year; the language has simply been removed from the notice.


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