HomeBASE Update

We apologize for this late update regarding the HomeBASE program.

On Tuesday, October 18th, the Department of Housing and Community Development informed stakeholders that regardless of the supplemental budget, they would be suspending new HomeBASE vouchers for those families applying for shelter and housing assistance AND limiting family shelter to three narrow categories of families (under the age 21, fire and natural disaster and families fleeing domestic violence).  Families facing economic disaster, overcrowding, and other perilous housing situations would be denied access to shelter and ultimately left with out a safety net.  This was to be implemented on Wednesday, October 18thImmediate implementation was stalled and no announcement has been made regarding their plan to meet the state’s moral and legal obligation to provide shelter for all eligible families.  

Homes for Families would like to thank everyone who made phone calls to voice your concerns about closing the front door to HomeBASE while also limiting shelter to the 3 categories above. Your voices make a difference and it showed in the postonement of changes to HomeBASE.

It is still very possible that changes will be made to HomeBASE so please stay tuned for upcoming advocacy updates.


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