ICHH Releases RFI

The Interagency Council on Housing and Homelessness has recently released an RFI to gather information about a possible RFR being released this fall. The Governor recently filed a supplemental budget that included $5 million for the regional networks, but this supplemental still needs to be passed by the legislature. The ICHH would like to get your opinion, given their guidelines for how the money could be spent, regarding what programs the regional networks may implement if this money was approved. Below is an email sent by Liz Rogers:

The ICHH has just posted a Request for Information on Comm-PASS in order to gather information that will inform a potential RFR later this fall. We hope to gain feedback about ways in which the ICHH can support operations of the Regional Networks to End Homelessness as well as innovations in stabilization for recently rehoused families and individuals. The RFI will remain open through Friday, September 23, 2011.

To access the RFI document please go to:


Once on the Comm-PASS site you should search for a solicitation using the Document Number field. Type in ICHH2012 and a link will appear for the solicitation at the top of the page.

Please share this with any other interested parties. All responses should be emailed or faxed to me at :


Fax#: 617-573-1120



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