For-Profit College Legislation

Crittenton Women’s Union in collaboration with many other organizations is working to raise awareness and develop solutions concerning the practices of for-profit colleges. “For-profit college enrollment grew by 236% from 1998 to 2008, largely because of the aggressive recruitment of low-income students and students of color. Low-income and minority students are more likely to borrow to finance their education at for-profit schools than at other institutions. Once enrolled, students often find they are ill-prepared to complete their programs. Students who attend for-profit colleges are more than twice as likely to default on federal student loans as students enrolled at nonprofit institutions (Crittenton Women’s Union Website –” Click here for more info on for-profit colleges.

The coalition led by CWU filed legislation calling for the formation of a commission to study the issue and called for a hearing on the bill at which several coalition members gave very persuasive testimony. Recently, they have discovered that the Governor had filed legislation that would re-organize how for-profit schools are regulated, which would be a good first step toward providing more consumer protection. The bill was reported favorably out of the Higher Education Committee and is currently in House Way and Means (HWM). In order to ensure this bill passes out of HWM, thy are asking for phone calls to HWM members to ask them to report favorably on this bill. You can find their names and numbers here:

For more information, click below for an article on the governor’s bill:


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