White People Challenging Racism: Moving from Talk to Action

Cambridge Center for Adult Education

42 Brattle St.,    Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

What can I do to end racism? I’m just one person!

In this course, we’ll examine white privilege and look at how being unaware of unearned privilege helps perpetuate racism. We’ll share everyday situations in which we did not speak up against racial bias. This course is participatory, with a variety of inspiring readings and video clips, and a range of exercises, including role-plays to help us develop and practice effective ways to speak up the next time. By the end of the five sessions, each student will create and commit to carrying out a personal plan for challenging racism in his or her work place, organization, communities, or personal relationships. Limited to 15. While the focus of this course is on white people’s role in dismantling racism and building a just society, everyone is welcome.

 Early Summer class starts Wed. June 15, 6-8 pm. Co-facilitators:

Stewart Lanier & Anna Lifson (course code: WHIT, Sec. 01)

Late Summer class starts Wed, Aug 3, 6-8 pm.. Co-facilitators:

Barbara Beckwith & Natali Freed (course code: WHIT, Sec. 02)


$28 + $6 admin fee (covers all five classes, plus materials)

Register: 617-547-6789 or www.ccae.org (course code: WHIT)

Info: http://www.wpcr-boston.org/ 617-868-3143, email BeckwithB@aol.com


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