Hearing on Homeless and Housing Bills at the State House

Next Tuesday, May 10, 2011 in Room B-1 at 10:00 AM the Joint Committee on Housing will hold a hearing to discuss several bills dealing with housing and homelessness, which will provide you with an opportunity to tell legislators what we need to end family homelessness. Although these bills are not directly tied to the current state budget process, this hearing will take place before the State Senate releases their budget recommendations, and oral and written testimony will undoubtedly influence Senators and their budget decisions. During a period when the Massachusetts family shelter system will most likely undergo dramatic changes, we must tell our legislators what is working and what needs to change. If you can’t give testimony, simply showing up also sends the message that ending homelessness is important to you and the community. Click on the bills below for more information:

H 368         An Act relative to community housing and services.  Rep. Honan

H 2118       An Act relative to eliminating homelessness.  Rep. Henriquez

S 595         An Act to prevent homelessness among elderly and disabled persons and families facing no-fault evictions. Sen. Hart

S 607         An Act relative to community housing and services.  Sen. Jehlen

If you have any questions please contact Diane Sullivan at 617-227-4188 or dsullivan@homesforfamilies.org.


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