House Federal Budget Has High Point and Low Points

Amid discussion of debt and budget cuts, the House, now controlled by Republicans, proposed deep budget cuts as they released their federal budget recommendations for the current fiscal year at the beginning of March. These budget recommendations include high points and low points for low-income households. The House budget did not cut funding for Section 8 mobile vouchers, Section 8 project based vouchers, and the public housing operating fund. However, the administration fee for Section 8 was reduced which could lead to the inability of housing agencies and housing authorities to renew vouchers when families leave the program, and a reduction in capital repair funding for public housing may leave units in disrepair and possibly unoccupied.

Despite avoiding some cuts to some housing programs, those for veterans, seniors, the disabled, and first nations experienced deep cuts. These cuts will seriously hamper the ability of state and local community to end homelessness. Significant to homeless families, the House funded McKinney-Vento at $1.865 billion, and while this may be level funding, it will not allow local communities to implement changes to McKinney-Vento made by the HEARTH Act. More funding would allow more HPRP-like activities along with more supportive housing for homeless families.

For more information click here.

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