Help the National Alliance to End Homelessness Support the McKinney-Vento Program

The National Alliance to End Homelessness is asking that providers meet with their Federal Legislators in support of increasing the McKinney-Vento program.


Key Messages: Why Level Funding Isn’t Good Enough

○        Because of their high cost, renewals would basically swallow up ALL of the McKinney-Vento funds if the program receives flat funding. This basically means NO progress toward implementing HEARTH through new CoC projects or the continuation of HPRP through HEARTH, and NO help to deal with the effects of the recession.

○        These programs work. We’ve seen McKinney-Vento programs contribute to strong national and local declines in recent years. We need to continue this progress.

○        Flat funding would put a dead stop to our strong momentum from the last several years under multiple Administrations and multiple Congresses of actually SOLVING homelessness.

○        With a funding level of $2.2 billion, we could make significant progress toward implementing HEARTH and addressing the effects of the recession through new resources for homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing.


If it is at all possible for you to set up meetings with your senators and representatives next week, The National Alliance to en Homelessness has provided you with the follow attached documents to assist you in your meeting.


1.      Use the attached sample meeting request form to contact your Senators’ and Representatives’ district offices to request a meeting next week. If you’re not sure who to direct the request to, just let me know.

2.      Prepare for the meeting using the attached sample meeting agenda and talking points. I can also help you strategize about tailoring the message to your individual Member(s).  Explain the importance of providing an INCREASE to the McKinney-Vento program in FY 2011.

3.      Contact the National Alliance to end homelessness to let them know which office(s) you contacted, and what kind of response you get.


Sample McKinney Meeting Request Form

Sample McKinney Meeting Agenda & Worksheet With Talking Points


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