65,000 Americans May Become Homeless

The following information is taken directly from a National Alliance to End Homelessness Document:

“Congress is currently considering two ways to fund the federal government for the remainder of Fiscal Year (FY) 2011: a single, large appropriations bill based on the work already done by the House and Senate (known as an omnibus), and a stopgap funding measure, called a continuing resolution (CR), that would fund the government for the rest of FY 2011, mostly at FY 2010 levels.

A CR that maintains FY 2010 funding levels for homelessness programs would result in an estimated 65,000 more Americans experiencing homelessness who would otherwise have been housed.

A full-year CR with no adjustments would bring to a halt bipartisan work to improve the effectiveness of our nation’s response to homelessness. Compared to the House and Senate bills now under consideration, it would mean:

· 10,000 veterans and their families who would otherwise be housed through

HUD-VASH will instead be homeless;

· 25,000 people, mostly in families, who would escape homelessness through the Emergency Solutions Grant under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grants program will be homeless instead;

· 4,000 people with disabilities and 6,000 families who would escape homelessness through the new Housing and Services Demonstration will be homeless instead;

· 5,000 homeless people with disabilities and children who would enter permanent supportive housing through McKinney-Vento funding for HUD’s Continuum of Care will be homeless instead; and

· 15,000 children who are homeless, at risk, or could be reunited with their homeless parents through HUD-VASH and the Housing and Services Demonstration will be homeless instead. Click here for more info.

All told, 65,000 Americans who would be housed will be homeless instead.

Request: To prevent these effects and help communities fight homelessness in this economy, any final FY 2011 HUD funding bill should include:

· At least $2.2 billion for McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grants. For more info click here.

· Funding for 10,000 new HUD-VASH vouchers for homeless veterans; and

· Funding for 10,000 vouchers under the Housing and Services Demonstration proposal to reward effective interagency work to house chronically homeless people with disabilities and families with children. For more info click here.

If Congress decides to us a full-year CR, it should include adjustments (known as “anomalies”) to provide these levels of funding to avoid the hardship of homelessness for 65,000 people.” Click here to download this information.

Please call your Representative in Congress along with the offices of both Sen. Brown and Kerry whose numbers are listed below. Say: “Please ask Rep/Sen ______ to contact the contact the Appropriations Committee to express support for including $2.2 billion for McKinney-Vento programs in any final FY 2011 bill that is passed.”

Click here for talking points.

To find your Representative go to wheredoivotema.com, fill in your info and look for the person in the category titled “Congressional.” Then, look for their phone number below.

Congressman Olver: (202) 225-5335
Congressman Neal: (202) 225-5601
Congressman McGovern: (202) 225-6101
Congressman Frank: (202) 225-5931
Congresswoman Tsongas: (202) 225-3411
Congressman Tierney: (202) 225-8020
Congressman Markey: (202) 225-2836
Congressman Capuano: (202) 225-5111
Congressman Lynch: (202) 225-8273
Congressman Delahunt: (202) 225-3111


Senator Kerry: (202) 224-2742
Senator Brown: (202) 224-4543




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