Vote NO on Question 2 on 11/2!

Thanks again to our Laselle College intern Brittanie for another thoughtful argument fo why you should vote NO on Question 2 next Tuesday:

Ballot question two is asking whether or not we should get rid of our states affordable housing law (Chapter 40B). Homes for Families is asking that you vote NO. This law was passed in 1969 and it sets a goal for all communities to make at least 10% of their homes affordable. Within the guidelines of 40B, developers who wish to build government subsidized housing are only required to get a single comprehensive permit from the city’s zoning boards, as opposed to getting separate permits from each agency that has jurisdiction over the proposed housing. Overall, 40B makes building affordable housing a lot less complicated. At least 25% of the homes in a development must be affordable to households earning less than 80% of the area median income in order for construction to be approved. This law makes housing affordable for senior citizens and families.

With the current recession we need this law now more than ever. Many families can no longer afford to own a home and 40B makes that possible. Most importantly, 40B is the only affordable housing law that our State has. Opponents believe 40B is flawed. However, the fact that the law may or may not be perfect is absolutely irrelevant in answering this ballot. Improvements may need to be made so that this law reaches a broader population of people. However, that cannot be done if we completely get rid of 40B and creating a  brand new law will be a difficult task. The law does what it is designed to do. Approximately 58,000 homes have been created for seniors and working and middle class families. Approximately 40,000 are apartments and 18,000 are for home ownership. These are numbers we would not have seen had it not been for 40B. Also, All of the candidates for governor support voting No on Question 2. Please join Homes For Families in voting NO for Ballot question number two. Massachusetts needs an affordable housing law, now more than ever.



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