Candidates for Governor 2010: Tim Cahill

This week Homes for Families will be highlighting the policy positions of each of the candidates for governor with a specific focus on issues that effect homeless families. Special thanks go to our interns who have gathered the information mostly from the candidate’s websites. Today we take a look at the positions of an independent candidate for Governor: Tim Cahill.

Jobs: Plans to create jobs by reducing costs linked to employment and implementing tax cuts for small and medium sized business to foster job growth. Cahill believes that focusing on small businesses and creating tax breaks for entrepreneurs at the outset of business creation is the primary method to creating employment.

  • Taxes: Reduce the income tax and reduce the sales tax to 5%
  • State Budget: Plans to reduce state spending and to borrow only what we can afford to pay, also plans to make the state’s borrowing activities public.
  • Environment: Plans to invest in forms of alternative energy including wind, natural gas, nuclear and other unconventional power sources.
  • Immigration: Believes we should crack down on illegal immigration by allowing state and local police to check an individual’s immigration status during investigations for routine infractions; requiring employers to verify immigration status; refusing in state tuition, scholarships, or student loans to undocumented students; and prohibiting access to state issued licenses such as a driver’s license. Cahill also sympathizes with the Arizona Immigration Laws but does not believe they are right for Massachusetts.
  • Senior Citizens: He proposes a Senior Bill of Rights to ensure that seniors can have a secure retirement with access to quality medical care and assistance.
  • Transportation: Plans to address infrastructure problems with our state’s transportation system by focusing on repairing and improving roads and bridges. Healthy roads are important for economic development and the vibrancy of communities.
  • Health Care: Believes consumers should be able to purchase health insurance across state borders. Consumers should also be able to pick and choose the extent of their coverage. Cahill also believes that the health care reform enacted in 2006 needs to be re-worked as he believes the funding for it needs reform.

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