Candidates for Governor 2010: Charlie Baker

This week Homes for Families will be highlighting the policy positions of each of the candidates for governor with a specific focus on issues that effect homeless families. Special thanks go to our interns who have gathered the information mostly from the candidate’s websites. Today we take a look at the positions of the Republican candidate for Governor Charlie Baker.

  • Public Benefits: Believes state agencies need to determine eligibility for public benefits using additional standards and proposes that each applicant submit to a lifestyle analysis. A lifestyles analysis would include factors such as such as credit card bills, recreation activities, auto loans, and grocery bills. If the expenses exceed the known funding source then it should be taken into consideration that there may be another form of income. This analysis should be conducted for services such as public housing and public defendants.
  • Prison System: Believes we should charge inmates room and board.
  • Welfare: Plans to add requirements for welfare recipients including a 5 year lifetime limit and annual eligibility status checks. Also wants to impose programming so that EBT cards cannot be used as debit cards. He proposes that it be criminal to use these cards towards lottery, alcohol or cigarettes. Believes Massachusetts is out of compliance with the Federal Law because a large portion of people who receive benefits are exempted from the work requirements.
  • Immigration: Believes that requiring proof of legal residency for all state benefits will save money.
  • Medicaid: Proposes moving some recipients of Medicaid to the managed care system, claiming this will save $1 billion for the state.
  • Pension: Plans to reform the pension system for state employees
  • Local Aid: Made a commitment to not cut local aid
  • Education: Committed to maintaining standards established by education reform; keeping the MCAS exam as a graduation requirement; focusing on closing the educational achievement gap among underprivileged and minority students; increasing the number of charter schools
  • Healthcare: Believes that the state should force providers to make information about health care costs public; plans to eliminate Gov. Patrick’s policy which requires mandated prescription drug coverage; plans to live up to the states previous promise of increasing Medicaid payments to providers; would like to consider allowing small businesses to band together as purchasing cooperatives to buy health insurance in bulk for employees; supports medical malpractice reform; plans to increase the number of primary care physicians and pay them higher rates
  • Taxes: Plans to create new jobs by reducing business taxes and lowering the cost of doing business in Massachusetts; Plans to reduce the state’s income tax and reduce the sales tax to 5%
  • Environment: Plans to promote energy efficiency programs


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