Advocacy Needed!

On Monday, the House approved a supplemental budget including $22 million for Emergency Assistance family shelter, and this morning, the Senate passed the supplemental budget with some minor changes. Now, the ball is back in the House’s court to enact the supplemental budget that the Senate passed. When the House first tried to pass the bill, Rep. Karyn Polito from Shrewsbury successfully blocked passage and will most likely do so again. (During informal session any bill can be blocked by one member of the House)

Homes for Families is asking that people take a minute out of their day to call their Representatives at the State House and say “Please enact the supplemental budget and make sure it includes $22 million for EA.” If you live in Rep. Polito’s district or your program operates programs in her district please call and ask her to allow the supplemental budget to be enacted. Please do the same if you live or work in a district represented by someone affiliated with the Republican Party.


To find out your elected officials go to and look for “Rep in General Court.”


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