Guide to Help Low-Income Households Access Educational Financial Aid

Crittenton Women’s Union announced the release of a guide to extra help for low-income adults struggling to pay for tuition, fees, and books and cover their day-to-day living expenses while going to school.

Beyond Financial Aid Booklet“Beyond Financial Aid: 2010 Guide to Extra Help for Low-Income Adult Students,” a collaborative effort with the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, provides a comprehensive review of family supports that may be available to students attending college or in vocational training programs.

Even students already receiving educational financial aid may still find it difficult to cover their rent, utilities, food, child care, and transportation expenses.

“Beyond Financial Aid” provides a blue print to the public benefits that low-income students may be eligible for in addition to educational financial aid. This free booklet helps resolve misconceptions that students are not eligible for resources such as food stamps (SNAP), MassHealth, or subsidized housing.

“Beyond Financial Aid” is being distributed at no cost to financial aid offices at colleges and universities throughout the state and is available in English and Spanish on CWU’s Web site: It can also be downloaded here.


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