Vote No on Question 2 to Protect Affordable Housing

Question 2 on the Massachusetts ballot this November 2 would repeal the state’s primary affordable housing law.  We urge you to vote “no” on 2 to protect the affordable housing law for our seniors and working families.

This law is about fairness and equity. All families should have a choice about where to live. The affordable housing law sets a reasonable goal for each and every city and town to require at least 10% of its homes to be affordable.  It encourages construction of new homes by allowing for a single comprehensive permit and flexible zoning for developers who build affordable homes.

Here are some facts about the law:

  • Over the last decade, this law has been responsible for approximately 80% of the affordable homes built outside of the Commonwealth’s major cities.
  • More than 58,000 homes have been created for working families, seniors, and disabled individuals across the state.
  • A repeal would immediately halt the construction of 12,000 homes in the pipeline, and all of the jobs and economic benefits they would bring.

The Vote No on 2 Campaign has come together to ensure the law is not repealed. We are a grassroots coalition of more than 400 organizations and thousands of individuals committed to protecting this law. Our coalition includes civic, business, religious, and academic leaders as well as senior, environmental, housing, and civil rights groups.  All three major candidates for governor agree we should all vote no to support this law.

For more info or to get involved, go to, call 617-933-5275 or email And remember in November, Vote “NO on 2” to protect the affordable housing law.


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