FMAP Extension Passed!

As many of you know, many line items in the FY2011 state budget were cut because federal reimbursement money through Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (FMAP) was not approved before the current budget cycle began. Yesterday, the House followed the Senate’s lead and voted in favor of an FMAP extension. President Obama quickly signed the bill, which would give Massachusetts $655 million. To read more click here.

This money can be used to restore funding for MRVP, EA and TAFDC, but your elected officials in the Massachusetts State House must now allocate this money in the state budget. Please call your Representatives and Senators in the State House and say “Please restore funding to all housing and homelessness line items as they were funded in the conference committee’s version of the FY2011 budget, which included FMAP money.”

Find your elected officials at and look for Rep. and Senate in General Court.


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