Urgent Action Alert!

Late last week, DTA announced that the annual clothing allowance given to families receiving TAFDC may be completely cut this year, which amounts to $150 per child. Please call Governor Patrick today to ask him to stop the possible cut to families on TAFDC. Let the Governor know that this is a critical benefit for extremely low-income children and youth. The Governor’s office can be reached at 617-725-4005 or 888-870-7770.

Here is a sample phone script, courtesy of Elizabeth Toulan of the Family Economic Initiative:

“Hi.  My name is _______________.  I live at ______________.

– I’m calling to let Governor Patrick know I vigorously oppose DTA’s possible cut to the September clothing allowance.

– This proposal will harm thousands of school age children in low-income families who need the September clothing allowance to start off their school year in suitable clothing, ready to learn and without the risk of bullying or teasing by classmates.

– DTA proposed cutting the clothing allowance even though there is no shortfall in the TAFDC account at this time.  In addition, the Senate has added more than enough supplemental funding to cover the clothing allowance; the House may do the same soon.

– Please let Governor Patrick know that cutting the September clothing allowance is a truly harmful proposal that must be stopped.  Children can’t succeed in school if they are bullied or humiliated because of their clothes.

Thank you.”


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