CORI Reform May Not Pass!

But You Can Make Sure it Does!

Earlier this year, both the House and the Senate passed CORI Reform bills, and now they are in conference committee where the House and the Senate are working to create one compromised bill to be sent to the Governor for final passage. However, the legislative session ends this Saturday, July 31, and there is a chance that the House and Senate will not submit a final bill. Basically, CORI Reform would start from scratch in the next legislative cycle.

Things you can do to ensure this critical legislation is passed:

1. Go to the State House and speak to legislators. Or, hold a sign in support of reform. IF YOU CAN MAKE IT, A STATE HOUSE PRESENCE IS CRUCIAL, even on Saturday, if necessary. Also there will be a press conference today at 4:30 at the State House. Please come if you can.

2. Call your state Representative or Senator and ask them to call Conference Committee members to ask that they pass comprehensive CORI Reform.”

Committee Members are:

–         Representatives Eugene O’Flaherty, Christopher Speranzo, and Daniel Webster

–         Senators Cynthia Creem, Steven Tolman, and Bruce Tarr

3. Call the offices of the Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo (617-722-2500) and Senate President Therese Murray (617 722-1500). Ask them to pass comprehensive CORI Reform.”

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